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The Ultimate Roast Potatoes?


  1. However many potatoes you think you want, double it.
  2. Goose fat or sunflower seed oil.
  3. 1 pouch of Spice Cartel's Ultimate Roast Potato Mix.


  1. Parboil potatoes. Drain once starting to soften. Leave to stand (and therefore dry out a little).
  2. Pre heat the fat in a large baking tray (the more spaced out the spuds are the more they are going to crisp in an oven (200c).
  3. Add potatoes (make sure no water is introduced to hot fat).
  4. 20 mins before the end, sprinkle Spice Cartel's Ultimate Roast Potato Mix over the spuds.
  5. They are ready once brown, ours usually take 45mins+.

Serving Suggestions

*When you really don't want to peel spuds* try with oven chips :D

How We Did It

We cut our spuds into small cubes - 1.5cm - par boiled for 7 minutes then straight into hot goose fat! This style is usually called potatoes parmentier but our mix is a little different, not exactly authentic.


Spice Cartel Ultimate Roast Potatoes Spice Mix


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