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Are Your Products Free From Allergens?

Our blends specify in the ingredients section of the product page whether there are allergens present in the blend. However we cannot guarantee that our products are free from nuts, seeds, cereals, soya, celery or mustard or gluten. This is due to many ingredients that we use in our blends being processed in facilities that do handle these allergens, therefore we must insist that allergy, intolerance sufferers and coeliac disease sufferers should avoid our products to be safe.

Is This Suitable As A Rub Before You BBQ? Or Should It Only Be Used In The Oven?

This works incredibly well as a bbq rub to pack in some flavour before you start cooking. An amazing way to bring out the best of our seasonings is to mix with a little oil or cider vinegar and baste your food with it a minute or 2 before removing from the heat, absolutely mouth watering. Fingers crossed for fine weather :D

Are Your Products Vegan Friendly?

All of our products are free of animal products, our products are therefore perfectly suitable for vegans & vegetarians. As always, please double check the ingredients on the label.

How Do I Use My Spice Blend? 

Generally, we recommend using pre cooking as a dry rub, marinade (mixed with oil), or seasoning (added to a sauce, or dry on top of cooked meats).

Of course, some of our products have specific uses as marinades, such as our Shawarma blend which we instruct our customers to blend with yoghurt & oil to create the best marinade possible