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Lebanese Chicken Shawarma


  1. 1 Pouch of Spice Cartel's Shawarma Mix.
  2. 1 chicken or 1kg Chicken Thigh.
  3. 150ml Natural Yoghurt.
  4. 25ml Cider Vinegar (White Wine Vinegar Also Fine).
  5. 25ml Neutral Oil.


  1. Whisk The Ingredients Together.
  2. Massage Into Chicken (Or Thighs).
  3. Leave Refrigerated For An Hour Or Over Night If Possible.
  4. Cook Over A BBQ Or In The Oven At 200c.

Serving Suggestions

WE LOVE to use as a lunch staple, shredded shawarma chicken on a soft tortilla with mayo, shredded lettuce, cucumber & chilli sauce is enough to get us through the day.

How We Did It...

This is a chicken that we spatchcocked (to flatten it out) and marinaded in Shawarma spice mix overnight before barbecuing! Of course you can cook this in the oven for equally great results.


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