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Rotisserie Chicken

What A Fun Way To Barbecue, If You Don't Have A Rotisserie, This Works Just As Well Propping The Chicken Up Using The Beer Can Method. If You Have Neither A BBQ Or A Rotisserie, Just Pop It In The Oven :D


  1. Deep South Creole Rub.
  2. 2*2Kg Chickens.
  3. 2 Lemons (Halved).


  1. Liberally Dry Rub The Chicken(s) With Deep South Creole.
  2. Leave Uncovered In The Fridge For An Hour To Dry The Skin Out (Leads To Crispier Skin), Pop 2 Halved Lemons In Each Chicken.
  3. Insert Rotisserie Spindle Through The Chickens & Secure In Place. Avoid Direct Heat.
  4. Brush Liberally With Rapeseed Oil To Help Prevent Spices From Burning.
  5. This Will Take Around 1Hour To Get Anywhere Near Temperature, When Its Temperature Probing At 74c Throughout It's Time To Remove From The Heat & Rest for 15 Mins Before Carving.

Serving Suggestions

  1.  Coleslaw, Chips Cooked In Beef Dripping. Keep It Simple. Amazing.

WOW! This Was Likely The Most Flavourful  Chicken With The Best Texture That I've Ever Had. 10/10.

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